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Removable Mesh Pool Fences

Highest Quality Safety Pool Fences

Fences are available in 4 foot and 5 foot heights. Social Services (including day care, foster care, adoption) and building codes require use of a 5 foot tall fence.

4’ Pool Fence Model

The fence height that is most commonly used is the 4 ft. version. A 4 ft. fence is the most common because it provides the minimal recommended height according to ASTM, an organization that establishes standards for safety products. Customers also appreciate this height for its appearance because since it is shorter than other fence heights it is below most adult’s line of sight. Line of sight is important for aesthetics because it helps this fence configuration appear less visible.

5’ Pool Fence Model

A 5 ft. fence is required by social service agencies (day care, foster care, adoption) and building codes (where applicable). These social service agencies typically require the pool fence be installed as part of the application process. While the 5 ft. fence is generally used for social services compliance, other customers appreciate the added peace of mind they get by having an extra foot of height to help keep children out of the pool area.

Pet Fence Model

Many homeowners want to have a way to protect their pets around the swimming pool. For these customers we offer the same removable pool fence product with a specialized pet mesh that makes it more difficult for the animal to claw or chew through. Pet mesh is made with a tight weave, which makes it less transparent than traditional mesh.

Brown on Black

The most popular safety pool fence color combination is brown on black, or in other words, brown poles and border with black mesh. The brown on black combination provides the perfect combination of an earth-tone color that will blend with almost any yard and black mesh that provides the greatest degree of transparency.

Black on Black

The second most popular removable safety pool fence color combination is black on black, or black poles and border with black mesh. While people initially think they will like the black on black best because it is all the same color, they commonly move to the brown on black because it blends better with the pool area landscaping making the entire fence less noticeable.

Tan on Black

Tan on black is tan poles and border with black mesh. People are often most surprised to see how much better this looks installed than tan on tan, or tan poles and border with tan mesh. A color mesh, especially one that is lighter in color, reflects sunlight and draws attention whereas a black mesh absorbs light making the mesh more transparent and less noticeable.

Gray on Black

Gray on black is gray poles and border with black mesh. The gray on black color combination looks great in a yard with a lot of natural concrete and rockwork.

Green on Black

The least popular safety pool fence color combination is green on black, or green poles and border with black mesh. One would think that the green on black combination would be preferred in any backyard with high vegetation. However, while the green looks good against vegetation it tends to contrast with other prevailing colors in most backyards.


The peg-leg application is designed to improve the installation of your removable pool fence on stairs or other similar applications. The benefit of the peg-leg is reduction of the number of holes in the deck, the number of poles, and improving the overall safety and aesthetic.


The C-series is designed to ensure safety when the mesh pool fence transitions from one elevation to a significantly higher one (larger than a step). Our purpose is to provide a pool fence that is as safe as possible, which this application helps us accomplish. We custom make a fence section to meet the requirement of your yard to maximize safety.


While removable mesh pool fence was not designed to be installed in slope, our expertise and commitment to helping our customers achieve maximum safety has driven us to develop an application to customize our fence suitable for most slopes.

Planter – Soil Anchor

Safety pool fence was designed to be installed in concrete, however, we can install the pool fence in planters using what is called a soil anchor. These anchors provide a receiver for our pole so that your fence can pass through a planter. The most common application of the soil anchor is when passing from a fence to concrete. While a removable pool fence can be installed in grass, it is not recommended due to safety concerns. For more information, contact your local dealer.

Planter – Curb

When a removable pool fence must travel through a large planter or grass area (especially when the design requires change of direction), we recommend a curb be installed along the route of the fence. We realize that for some customers adding a concrete curb is cost prohibitive and when that is the case we still provide the best product. However, installation of a concrete curb provides the most solid and safe installation through a large planter or grass area.