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Features Of Our Removable Pool Fences


The most important part of a removable pool fence is the pole. Our fence uses the pin-pole, which is the strongest pole available because of the stainless rod that inserts into the deck rather than the aluminum itself (as is the case with standard fence poles). Our pole is secured in the deck using a solid stainless steel pin for strength, yet it provides the added benefit of requiring the smallest deck hole so you don’t end up with large holes all over your deck.

Our fence poles are available in several colors. We recommend that you discuss fence color with your local installer to determine the best color for your yard considering dominant colors of the landscaping, hardscape, house paint, patio furniture, and other considerations.

Self-Closing Gate

Our patent-pending tri-truss system ensures long-term alignment of the gate for reliable self-closing and latching. Plus, it uses the same solid stainless steel pin to attach it to the deck.

Our patented gate has the appearance of a three- sided gate with the strength of a four- sided gate. A small child attempting to climb our gate will find they can only grab the top border of our fence mesh, not the reinforcing top bar. So our gate is the strongest and safest.  Our gate is also completely removable without the use of tools, whereas some others require tools.

Beware of companies that either do not recommend or even advise against the use of a self-closing, self-latching gate. Such a recommendation directly opposes the advice of every safety organization and does not comply with building codes or social service requirements.


We use the most transparent mesh in the industry, which is constructed with a special weaving technique in which two threads are twisted around the vertical threads at each corner resulting in a stronger mesh with larger holes for more transparency. Our mesh meets all ASTM and other safety standards.