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Benefits Of Our Removable Safety Pool Fences


Our pool fence satisfies safety standards of ASTM, social services (day care, foster care, adoption), and some building codes. Poolsafe has focused on providing the best quality pool fence because the quality directly affects safety of this product. From the poles with stainless steel pins to gates with sloped hinges, Poolsafe has focused on maximizing safety.

Compared to a pool alarm that does not provide any benefit in terms of physically keeping a child from the pool, a removable pool fence is an effective physical barrier to keep small children away. Unlike pool nets and mesh pool covers that can allow a small child to be exposed to water, a fence helps keep children away from the water entirely.


Unlike some products, a removable pool fence is the only product that can be installed around virtually any pool without changing how the pool is used. We can put a fence around pools with raised planters, sloped hill-sides, raised walls, steps, grass, and almost any landscape feature.

Pool nets and mesh pool covers have installation limitations and even when installed properly can be a major pain to take off and re-secure.


A removable pool fence is more likely to be used over time because it is easy to use, unlike a pool net or a mesh cover. Just open the gate and you have instant access to the pool area whereas a pool net or a mesh pool cover will take several minutes to gain pool access…and then you have to put it back on!

Another great feature, our removable pool fence is completely removable without the use of tools, unlike a pool net or mesh pool cover that have to be pulled so tight that tools are used to stretch or tighten the net or cover. The owner of a pool net or mesh pool cover practically needs to be a muscle man.